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DK-Translation Group: Clients

If you work in marketing or sales – you know how it is to get a new client, especially when nobody heard about you / your company. We’re a well-known group now, but it wasn’t easy for a group of professionals to conquer the world.

Time passed and now we (DK-Translation Group) would like you to look through the list of some of our clients (you might know some of them).

Imagine a huge mall with lots of stuff, including different cafes. Do you feel cozy in such a place? Or do you need a nice quiet cafe where you meet your friends, where (if you wish) you can be alone with your thoughts? We believe it’s a rhetoric question. DK-Translation Group is a group of people where you can get any service we offer at best flexible price. We don’t send letters to you emails like other companies and agencies, we respect your privacy.

When you order our services you become our client, when you order them again – you become our friend.

In this busy world full of stresses it is really important to get services you may rely on. That’s why one of our mottos: “quality before quantity”. Many companies are trying to get as many customers as possible, but we are not them: for us client is first, money is second.

We created DK-Translation Group in 2008, a few months later we launched a web-site “”. In 3 years we gain popularity and decided to change our website name, however after a good thought the decision was not to change anything, since stability is the best index of success.

It’s always up to you to decide whether to use our services or to order them somewhere else, but trust us when you order services you’ll forget about services “there”.

If you’d like to make it perfect – refer to the group – DK-Translation Group.

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