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We offer high-quality services

at affordable prices and in the most appropriate timeframe.
Highly qualified translators, marketing researchers and copywriters, as well as designers are working at DK-Translation Group.

We translate from one letter to million words. DK-Translation Group offers you the best marketing research and copywriting services. Our designers can develop any model that you want.

What is translation? Translation is a process of transferring words, phrases or text(s) from one language to another. What is language? Language is a kind of code: a set of letters, words and expressions for communication and information transfer between people.

Nowadays there are many sources of automatic translation services. They translate one language (code) to another with the help of special software. Is it accurate translation? No, it isnít. The only way to translate one language to another is not to possess a huge number of words, phrases and grammar rules, but also to understand a source language (a language from which it is to be translated) and a target language (a language into which it is to be translated). The only way to understand both source and target languages is to possess intellect. Currently we donít have any artificial intelligence capable of thinking by its own.

Thatís why, if you need and want good translations Ė the translations should be done by humans, and not just by humans, but by professionals Ė by the DK-Translation Group.

When you order marketing research and/or copywriting services anywhere else Ė are you positively sure they use services of their own marketers and copywriters? No. They donít have them. Thatís why they need to find those via an intermediary or (if theyíre lucky) directly. Anyway, you, as a client, have to pay double or triple fees for that scheme. Do you really want it, do you really need it? No. What you really need is to pay directly and less fees. You want to pay less? Yes you do. You want to hire professionals? Yes you do! What you need is DK-Translation Group.

You need to design a chair, a table, a house? Weíre at your services! Weíre a group of professionals and each one of us is responsible for one or the other service. If youíre limited by a budget Ė itís not a problem. We may discuss any rates and we are open to suggestions!

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